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can anyone share a torrent or a rapidshare link to dowload Sinbad:Beyond the Veil of Mists?

can anyone share a torrent or a rapidshare link to dowload Sinbad:Beyond the Veil of Mists.
M. Usman.

Chosen Answer:

Sorry fren, I tried to search the web for it, but couldn’t get it.


Is it illegal to download from sites like rapidshare if i pay for it?

I really want to know so if i need to ill pay for it to download, so i really wanna know if paying for rapidshare and downloading on it, is illegal….

Chosen Answer:

Downloading a file does NOT give you the liscense to use it. I think rapid fire knows that and is counting on people not knowing the difference. Paying for a program is NOT paying for the content. I think that companies who prey on customers who do not know or who are encouraged not to know the truth is unethical

Website providing rapidshare link to direct links ?

Once i went to a website (which i don’t know)
It actually downloads rapidshare files into their own server and then provide the link so that we can download with multiple threads
which site was that ?

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Where can I download NFL games on rapidshare?

Looking for a site that posts links to the latest NFL games so that I can download them on rapidshare.

Chosen Answer:

you can download it at this page


u can use this premium link generator www.raphack.com/rapidshare.php
to download the rapidshare files as premium user without paying anything

How can I download from rapidshare links as a free user directly to my Nokia 3110c mobile?

I m using GPRS service. Opera mini or Bolt web browser could not do this since it does not support javascript. I have also enabled javascript on my inbuilt web browser, but timer or download option is not showing.
Please help me…

Chosen Answer:

Sorry dude mobile browsers do not support JavaScript.
Try to download new version browser.
Or search for it in google

How to be able to download the bigger files from Hotfile/Rapidshare with download manager to be able to resume?

How to be able to download the bigger files from Hotfile or Rapidshare or any other file sharing websites with any kind of download manager to be able to resume the files later ?

i have connectivity problems due to which im not able to download the bigger files and as my data break ups i used to download all over it again .


Chosen Answer:

You can find some website that help user download file from hotfile and rapidshare to its website. Then you can download off the website. Now you can use download manager to resume download from other website that can not resume from hotfile or rapidshare.

For resume download from hotfile and rapidshare, you have to purchase premium membership

Authorized Megaupload Reseller.


Is it possible to get a Rapidshare user id & password free of cost?

i would like o know if its possible to get a rapidshare user id with password free of cost. or can anyone give me their ID.

Chosen Answer:


it is not possible to get rapidshare id/pass for free

instead u can download unlimited files from rapidshare and other sites for free here