9 Feb

S1000 Dash Cam Box

The S1000 DVR is a sprint cam launched within the summer of 2012. This digicam can record at 1080p @ 30fps and 720p @ 60fps. Video best at some stage in the day is good however lamentably video great at night is under common. The S1000 does now not have GPS but does include a G-sensor.

This camera is one of the few fashions that use an Ambarella A5 processor. The S1000 makes use of the Ambarella A5S30 processor. In evaluation the Papago! P3 uses the A5S90 processor.
The Ambarella A2 processors have turn out to be very popular in chinese language sprint cams despite the fact that the technology dates returned to 2007. The A5 processors had been added in 2009. Many had was hoping for a great deal advanced video exceptional over the A2 cameras, but as a minimum on this new release, it is not the case.

in contrast to the A2S60 cameras which has a much broader angle at 720p and a narrower angle at 1080p, this A5s30 camera has the equal viewing attitude at each settings.

comments suggests that this digital camera boots up very quickly (less than 3 seconds) and there are not any gaps among documents. It consists of 32mb of internal memory to report 10 seconds before an effect and 10 seconds after the effect, caused by means of the G-sensor. The G-sensor has three sensitivity degrees and can’t be turned off.

note that the actual version of this camera records in .MOV format. There look like fake versions to be had that file in .AVI model as nicely.
S1000 models

This camera, like many chinese cameras, has some of exceptional names:

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ZEA-MD770 (facts in AVI, fake)

acknowledged issues

considering that that is a tremendously new digicam and isn’t that popular, there have now not been many reliability issues noted but.
Mounting the camera
wellknown mount

should I buy?

the 2 important drawbacks of this camera are night time time video quality and length. The rate is affordable at $100. but the F500LHD has better video nice and is less expensive making this digital camera no longer the finest buy.
wherein to buy for lowest charge

The S1000 DVR sells for about $one hundred. The pleasant place to purchase proper now’s Aliexpress. look for vendors who have bought a lot of this model these days.


currently there may be no publicly regarded way to extract or improve the firmware in these sprint cams. There are 2 regarded firmware variations which have been sold:


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